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3 Things Chemical Manufacturers Should Know About Logistics Management

April 27, 2017

Written By: Peter Rio

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Chemical manufacturing is a field inherently vital to today’s economy. The transformation of raw materials leads to the creation of important consumer and specialty products. But in order to create and ship these products to customers, chemical manufacturers need to understand and adhere to a long list of safety requirements and preventative measures.

As for the logistics department specifically, here are three big things that chemical manufacturers should know when configuring and managing their supply chain:

  1. Hazmat Classifications & Regulations
    Chemical manufacturers need to possess a full understanding of hazmat classifications and those that pertain to each of their product offerings, as well as the corresponding packaging classes. A process should be put in place to proactively monitor any changes to relevant regulations and requirements in the industry.
  1. Temperature Effects
    Temperature can have an adverse effect on certain chemical products and materials and for a manufacturer, understanding the particular effects on your own products will influence how you transport them. When they are within transportation networks, products can freeze, overheat or be subjected to strong shifts in temperature.  A chemical manufacturer should establish documented procedures for protecting products from these extremes and purchase their transportation accordingly.
  1. Damages & Disposal
    It can be very expensive for both the shipper and the carrier to dispose of chemicals that are compromised within the supply chain. Chemical manufacturers need to provide detailed information and create specific guidelines on how carriers should handle products damaged in transit. Both shipper and carrier should work together to set a preventative plan for every possible situation.

Keep these three things in mind if you’re a chemical manufacturing company looking to run a successful and safe supply chain.

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