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4 Ways a 3PL can give you the Competitive Advantage

August 17, 2017

Written By: Stacy Thomas


In the complex world of logistics, inefficiencies mean higher costs.  A fully managed logistics solutions provider (LSP) will identify and correct these inefficiencies, which in turn helps to lower costs.   Logistics management companies are experts in the industry and stay up to date with the latest in technology, manufacturing, and logistics.  They also supply advanced transportation management software (TMS) as the backbone and window of visibility to all areas of your logistics management process.

Be sure to fully investigate your prospective logistics company before partnering together.  A proven LSP will have extensive industry experience, a loyal client base, and perhaps most importantly, they will be able to demonstrate unique solutions for your company’s unique needs. 

An LSP can help you gain a competitive advantage by:

1.   Strengthening your customer service department

  • Instantly access tracking information and images of BOLs
  • Instantly quote transportation costs
  • Satisfy customers with answers on transportation needs on the first call

2.    Increasing productivity in shipping/receiving

  • A single platform can instantly quote transportation costs, schedule shipments with full documentation creation, tracking, and claim status
  • Report on inbound freight delivery to ensure proper planning of personnel
  • Ensure the correct NMFC class is chosen every time
  • Access easy density calculation built into the system

3.    Improving efficiencies in your finance department

  • Analytical tools will allow instant access and visibility to invoice data for planning and forecasting purposes
  • GL coding automated process
  • Create actionable objectives using reports and data

4.    Securing new business

  • Increase customer focus by providing automatic delivery status updates via email or text
  • Gain easy access to images of your Bill of Lading and Delivery Receipts
  • Demonstrate your organization is advanced in technology and ready to serve

If you are looking for a resource that is unique and superior to your competition, consider partnering with a reputable LSP.

For more information on how using a Logistics Solutions Provider can give your specific company a competitive advantage, contact us today.


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