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5 Questions to Determine the Effectiveness of Your Shipping Practices

March 8, 2017

Written By: Translogistics

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There are many pieces that fit into the logistics puzzle in order for your product to be delivered on time and in the perfect condition. Needless to say, countless technical aspects should be taken into consideration when forming the most efficient product path and delivery process for ideal outcomes. It’s easy to recognize the need for a shift in the way you handle shipping, but where do you start?

Many companies waste time and money on faulty tools meant to help guide shipping decisions, but smart leaders steer clear of such defective and disconnected solutions and instead select a method that meets all logistics needs the right way. Use the questions below to develop a brief checklist of your own to assess the effectiveness of your business’s shipping practices and inform remedial action.

  1. Do you operate via carriers or 3PL?
    Make a list of all tangible services delivered by your current logistics provider. Ensure that you have in-house expertise to guide your freight decisions and assess the impact of transportation management on the rest of your business. Are you receiving adequate logistics services in addition to cost savings?
  1. What is your carrier selection process like?
    Establish a clear selection process that takes into consideration both cost and provided services. Choose a team leader to track all information gleaned from each carrier and guide final decisions.
  1. Do your hours of operation align with carrier needs?
    Reduce the rate of missed pickups and late deliveries by aligning your hours of operation to meet your carriers’ needs, or by creating a team of on-call representatives to address issues and decrease dock congestion.
  1. What is the current configuration of your freight?
    Assess the quality of packaging material, evaluate the protective measures put in place to prevent transit damage and verify proper classification and labeling. Also consider the way product sits in transit as palletized or loose.
  1. Are you taking advantage of optimal transport modes?
    Are you shipping your product using air freight, less than truckload (LTL) carriers, parcel carriers or intermodal services? Is product shipped by volume or truckload?

The answers to these questions should guide future decisions on the management of your supply chain. Even if your company has already established good relationships with carriers, you should always seek to maximize shipping efficiencies and maintain a high standard for your carriers. Research ways to maintain a sustainable supply chain and look to increase productivity in other key areas of your logistics operation.

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