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6 Simple Ways to Optimize Your Freight Shipments

February 23, 2017

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Are you looking for easy ways to reduce costs and increase productivity throughout your supply chain? What you’re ultimately looking for is supply chain optimization – something that takes organization, customized tools and an experienced logistics partner to achieve. But if quick tips are what you need to get you started on the path to outstanding supply chain performance, then take a look at these top six recommendations that focus on improving your shipping processes and carrier relations. Keep these in mind when planning your product paths and working with multiple vendors and shippers.

  1. Combine shipments into one truckload
    Piecing together multiple large less than load (LTL) deliverables to make a single, full truckload will change the mode of the shipment and could lead to reduced costs.
  1. Build multi-stop pickups and deliveries
    Utilizing a method of multi-point optimization works well when dealing with smaller truckload shipments. This requires careful consideration of timing, order specifications, and distances.
  1. Use facilities closer to destinations
    Gather small packages into a one large LTL shipment and set delivery mileage using a distribution or sorting facility closer to the shipment’s destination. This consolidation works well for frequent small shipments.
  1. String together shipment movement
    Continuous movement runs consist of point-to-point loads that may link to close the loop at the culmination of a trip. This is a viable network for truckloads that have close pickup and delivery points.
  1. Leverage carrier backhauls
    Improve the utilization of carriers in exchange for lower rates by making the most of backhauls. Carriers will also benefit because of the reduction in empty miles.
  1. Coordinate with vendors
    Maintain control over the selection of carriers through enhanced coordination with vendors and discuss their accountability and performance along every step of shipment routes.

These simple alternatives and adjustments can lead to great cost savings and improved overall supply chain performance.

If you’re still looking for ways to advance the current state of your logistics after taking them into consideration, make use of other useful logistics resources available in our Resources section.

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