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Hard Hitting Questions to Ask Prospective Logistics Carriers

February 21, 2017

Written By: Translogistics

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If you’re in charge of selecting the carriers for your company’s logistics operation, there’s more than just pricing that should go into your ultimate decision on the best carriers for your supply chain. A cheap rate can drive competition, but would you want your end users to suffer if your cheap carrier meets only a single requirement? Begin your carrier search by asking the tough questions so this big decision – one that determines your monetary savings and the overall success of your business – is truly in your hands.

Use the hard-hitting questions below to guide your carrier search and demand more than just a low rate.


  • What is the service area and service capabilities of the carrier?
  • Does the carrier have success working with my industry?
  • Does the carrier work seamlessly with my third-party logistics provider?
  • Does the carrier meet the specific transportation needs and safety and handling requirements of my product?


  • Does the carrier have a history of on-time pickups and deliveries?
  • What is the carrier’s visibility like during the entire delivery process?
  • Is the carrier open to proactive shipment problem-solving?
  • How responsive is the carrier’s customer service team? 


  • How long does the carrier have to invoice me for shipments and what are the payment terms?
  • Is my product fully insured if the carrier damages it?
  • What does the process look like for filing claims?

Quality and Safety:

  • What type of quality checks are in place for shipments?
  • What internal guidelines does the carrier set for performance?
  • Does the carrier have an acceptable safety record? 

man consulting clipboard in warehouseTake this list of questions into consideration when selecting carriers and negotiating binding contracts. Saving money is certainly a logistics concern, but it shouldn’t be the sole criteria you base carrier decisions off of when the satisfaction of your customers, the reputation of your business and much more are at stake. If a third-party logistics provider (3PL) is negotiating contracts for you, be sure to communicate these concerns so that you can make the most out of your partnership and verify you’re both on the same page. Do you have other logistics issues plaguing your business? Download our eBook: Solving the 5 Messiest Challenges of Transportation Logistics Management to explore unique ways to clean up your entire logistics operation.

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