Inbound Freight

July 15, 2020

Written By: Mitch Kinek

You can not measure what you don't see!

If your inbound freight is managed by vendors, you are probably overpaying on freight charges.

  • Suppliers lack leverage in the freight market
  • Suppliers lack the incentive to find low-cost freight options
  • Suppliers mark up freight as a profit center
  • Suppliers are encouraged by carriers to route freight through them despite alternative carriers being the least cost provider

Unfortunately, companies do this because their purchasing departments lack resources to manage vendor transportation spends, and their logistics departments are focused strictly on outbound finished goods being routed to clients.

 Managing your own inbound shipments can bring immediate freight savings, but the most significant advantage of TLI is in driving accountability and data management through managing the inbound freight.

The shipper's issue:  Customers typically rely on vendors to manage transportation of their raw goods and supplies.  Vendors that pay for transportation may often mark the spend up 15-25% making it a profit center.  

Alternative financial impact for shippers working with TLI:

  • Proper mode allocation
  • Proper carrier selection
  • Utilization of the appropriate carrier on the lane
  • The ability of rescuing emergency inbound shipments
  • Visibility on what freight will be arriving to the dock in advance
  • 10% savings on LTL
  • 15% savings on most common truckload lanes
  • Gained control of transportation
  • Detailed cost visibility
  • Increased bandwidth/resources while saving money
  • Gained the ability to create an accurate budget on project transportation costs


I'm a shipper, and what can I do to proceed forward?  

Gather historical lane details, or request the invoice to have the freight charges broken out separately, and with the Bill of Lading - TLI can do a cost analysis for you to get you the control you need.  


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