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Key Questions to Ask a Prospective 3PL Provider

May 16, 2017

Written By: Translogistics

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Is your organization getting ready to reap the benefits of a third-party logistics provider? Before establishing this new partnership, take the necessary steps to make an educated decision on a 3PL that will not only solve your logistics issues, but also benefit your entire organization in the process. Do your research by studying the history, background and experience of each 3PL. If you’ve successfully narrowed down your list, prepare for an initial meeting with a prospective provider by bringing along key questions that dig deep into the potential outcomes during each phase of the exciting new partnership. Be sure to ask basic questions about the provider’s services and costs, but follow up with the hard-hitting questions below to get a more complete, realistic view of the company soon to handle your logistics dirty work.

Active Problem-Solving & Experience

  • How will you first approach my company’s biggest logistics issue?
  • What would a long-term strategy look like for solving all of my logistics problems?
  • Do you have experience working with other businesses in my industry?
  • Can you provide any success stories that closely relate to my supply chain situation?
  • How does your company execute proactive problem-solving?
  • What are the most common transportation management missteps you observe and their easy fixes?
  • What recognitions do you hold and how have they shaped the way you do business?

Product & Partner Integration

  • What will the first few weeks with your company look like?
  • What are your company’s core values and how are they reflected in your daily operations?
  • How do you form carrier and vendor relationships and what advantages do you currently hold?
  • At what pace will you integrate your TMS into my daily business functions?
  • What type of training do you provide for your TMS and is it easy to learn?
  • How responsive is your customer service team and what help can they provide?

Continued Trajectory & Support

  • In what ways will you continue to provide technical support to my internal service team?
  • Is there room for TMS customization and adaptation as we require more functionality?
  • What analytics will you provide on the status of our supply chain?
  • How will you ensure steady improvement in my logistics operations?
  • What are the biggest issues facing the supply chain industry today and how are you working to address them?
  • What logistics challenges do you anticipate my business will face in the year ahead?

If the prospective 3PL partner is able to address each of these questions by providing honest answers and impressive examples, they might be the perfect match for your business. Remember that a 3PL should always work to better your current logistics situation and should serve as a seamless extension of your internal operations team.

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