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Logistics Partnership with Open Visibility, Guaranteed!

September 21, 2017

Written By: Stacy Thomas

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What could you achieve in your business if you didn’t have to focus on the complexities of logistics?  If you’re like most businesses, you don’t have the people, tools, experience or budget needed to make your logistics department a well-oiled machine.

In order to focus on your business’s core processes, mission, and product, a rock solid relationship with a trusted 3PL is key.  This relationship, in a small way, is similar to marriage in that there must be no secrets, hidden agendas, or mistrust if you want the relationship to last.  So what should you be looking for when “courting” a 3PL?  Here are just a few suggestions:

  • Value – focus on total logistics costs, not just individual transportation costs
  • Control and Visibility – much more than just knowing where the trucks are
  • Analytics and KPIs – you must be able to assess where you are now and where you will be going
  • Technology – don’t just settle for a 3PL that can check the Transportation Management System (TMS) box, look for a partner that can seamlessly tie all of your departments together while also providing the proper tools to manage all your logistics needs
  • Ongoing Management – make sure someone is overseeing, optimizing, and problem solving your logistics with monthly reporting
  • A proven track record – if a 3PL has a big turnover rate of clients, they’re not a good fit

At Translogistics, we use the motto, “Your job just got a lot easier” because we’ve heard that directly from our customers who tell us how much easier their job is after partnering with us!  We offer complete solutions to your logistics problems.  In fact, if you ever sense that our partnership is lopsided in any way, our guarantee is that you can go as far up or down the chain as needed to ensure you get what you need – open visibility. 

If you’re looking for an expert to handle your logistics so you can focus on your core business, consider Translogistics and contact us today!


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