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Are You Prepared to Handle Out-of-the-Ordinary Freight Audits?

August 24, 2017

Written By: Stacy Thomas


At first, you may think auditing freight bills is as easy as comparing a quote or comparing the contracted rate to the actual freight bill.  If the information is correct, no further work is needed.  If the bill is incorrect, notify the carrier and get it fixed. 

While this very generalized scenario may work in most cases, there are instances where it takes an experienced professional to resolve those “out of the ordinary” situations. 

Here are some examples: 


Shipper sets up a density based shipment as 1,133 lbs., class 85.  The freight charges are $233.32 


  • The carrier reweighs the shipment to1,465 lbs.  The freight charges are $ 300.98.   
  • Because it is a density item, the density went up when the weight did.  This now reduces the class to 70.  
  • The carrier is notified that the charges should now be $240.78 and is corrected.


Client is charged a lift gate fee at the destination. 


  • Google Street View shows the consignee has a dock. 
  • Carrier is questioned and given the facts.
  • Lift gate fee is waived. 


Carrier reweighs a shipment and provides a weight certificate at time of invoicing. 


  • Checks the certificate for accuracy and look at previous shipment history for consistencies.
  • If Reweigh is not consistent with Client’s shipment/product weights, dispute weight change with Scale Calibration certificate, catalog page of product, and shipment history data.  Ifdispute is denied by the Carrier, contact Client for more documentation such as the packing slip or spec sheet of the product that was shipped. 
  • Carrier changes the invoice to the original weight and freight charges.


An invoice is received from the carrier with a commodity and/or class that has never been used before. 


  • Verify the invoice matches the BOL.  If it does, question the Client to make sure this was indeed the product shipped.
  • Most times, it’s a new product and the invoice is accurate.  However, there are times when it isn’t classified properly and corrected with the carrier.

Are you able to give the attention to detail needed to provide this higher level of auditing? Partnering with a Logistics Solutions Provider with a combination of their own highly trained Audit Department and technology may be a good solution for you.


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