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June 19, 2018

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  • Temperature Control – this trailer is also commonly known as a refrigerated trailer or a “reefer” – these units contain refrigeration units on the front of the trailer and can maintain a set temperature on the inside of the trailer to protect the product from either excessive heat or freezing – these trailers are generally used to transport food products, pharmaceutical products and other perishables
  • Bulk Trailers – these trailers are used to transport loose, unpackaged material that is shipped in bulk quantity – there are two types of bulk – dry bulk and liquid bulk – dry bulk trailers are used to transport items such as grain, plastic resin and corn starch – liquid bulk trailers are used to transport items such as gasoline, milk and liquid chemicals – these trailers are generally loaded or unloaded by the use of gravity or vacuum pumping
  •  Blanket Wrap Trailers – this service is used to ship product that requires blankets to be wrapped around it to protect it during handling and transport – these trailers will generally also have many load bars and straps to secure product within the trailer – product generally shipped in blanket wrap trailers is office furniture, high value electronics/computer equipment and store fixtures
  • Conestoga Trailer – this trailer is a combination between a flatbed trailer and a dry van trailer – it is loaded like a flatbed with the “conestoga” canopy retracted – once the product is loaded and secured, the “conestoga” canopy is expanded to the rear of the trailer and covers the product as if it were in a dry van trailer – it is used to offer protective covering for product that needs to be loaded on a flatbed but is subject to weather exposure
  • Curtainside Trailer – this trailer is also a cross between a flatbed trailer and a dry van trailer, and it exists for the same reason as a conestoga trailer – the only difference is that the curtainside trailer has a permanent and solid roof as opposed to being completely constructed of canvas type material


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