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The Company-Wide Benefits of a TMS

April 20, 2017

Written By: Translogistics

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Oftentimes businesses assume that introducing new software means bringing in a complicated system that only increases the workload of a company’s employees. With an industry-leading transportation management system (TMS), this couldn’t be farther from the truth. A TMS that supports a cross-functional approach will integrate all company departments to improve the function of the entire supply chain and differentiate your organization from the competition.

What’s your point of view? See how a TMS aids each of the following departments:


Members of the purchasing team managing raw materials can make cost-effective decisions by separating freight from material costs with the control and visibility that a TMS provides. Purchasing can see real-time information on inbound vendor freight, search shipments with internal reference numbers and easily schedule shipments with documentation viewable in the TMS. Complex coordination is no longer necessary, as inbound vendor processes are streamlined and carriers are automatically selected.


High-level executives with access to their logistics teams’ TMS can gain insight into daily departmental operations, communicate with internal teams and grow their expertise in the field of logistics with a solid understanding of their company’s operations. Full visibility allows C-level personnel the opportunity to observe all activity and make informed adjustments to logistics spend using constant data and KPIs.


A shipping department can access exact, up-to-date pricing and tracking information for all carriers and shipments within a TMS. This information is provided through multiple shipping modules housed in one clean interface. This department can also view important KPIs to influence decisions on their end of the logistics operation and obtain support from the TMS’s active tracking team.


A TMS solution can provide a sales team with accurate shipping pricing and profit margins at the time quotes are generated. This department can capture the cost of goods sold, allowing them to estimate the amount needed to seal the deal. Sales can also get ahead of the game by aiding the customer service team in proactively addressing problematic shipments before customers are alerted.

Customer Service

Let your customer service team perform to the best of their ability by tapping into the wealth of resources that a TMS provides. Customer service can optimize the shipping process and ensure the safe, on-time delivery of products. While on the phone, customer service will be able to immediately address tracking inquiries and price shipments with information accessed through internal reference numbers. They can also help identify patterns via the TMS to inform service improvements.


Financial professionals can not only ensure the least cost carrier for freight using a TMS, but can also facilitate timely financial reporting with reference association and accurate invoices; achieve freight visibility; monitor and enforce vendor compliance for GL codes; segment and analyze freight spend; and work more efficiently with other internal teams to enhance all supply chain processes.

Do all of your business’s teams reap the benefits of an advanced TMS? Logistics management software supported by a 3PL invested in your business can help, if not permanently solve, all of your current logistics issues. Take a look at how chemical manufacturer Misco Products improved its processes, decreased spend and saved valuable time and resources through a strategic partnership with Translogistics and its ViewPoint TMS.

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