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How to Combat Missed Pickups and Late Deliveries

March 29, 2017

One of the biggest clouds that hang over every logistics operation is the fight against missed pickups and late deliveries. These mishaps waste time and money for more parties than one: your business’s teams, vendors and carriers, shipping facilities and customers. Although carriers put great effort toward increasing efficiency and correcting issues along the way, there will always be variability and unpredictable conditions that bring down the percentage of delivery success – an industry-wide KPI just as unsteady as this constant cloud. You always want to hold carriers and shippers to the highest standard possible so that you see progressive results. However, the general excuse for continued missed pickups and late deliveries is the idea that in conveying the possible negative outcome of a delivery, carriers set themselves up for extra work and more expenses and still cannot guarantee the shipment status will be amended.

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The 3 Key Elements of an Effective Supply Chain Audit Process

March 22, 2017


Your finance team is the unseen powerhouse of your business; it manages payroll, operating expenses, company debt, reporting, deposits and so much more. When it comes time to optimize your supply chain process, the finance team’s long list of duties should be taken into consideration if they’re to fit perfectly in the puzzle of logistics management.

Logistics auditing is only a small part of what the finance department does for your business, so this procedure should be organized, streamlined and painless. In order for this to happen, it requires the combined effort of a dutiful customer service team, a modern transportation management system (TMS) and an attentive third-party logistics provider (3PL). The three elements below, supported by the involvement of each of these teams, can make or break your supply chain audit process.

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5 Questions to Determine the Effectiveness of Your Shipping Practices

March 8, 2017


There are many pieces that fit into the logistics puzzle in order for your product to be delivered on time and in the perfect condition. Needless to say, countless technical aspects should be taken into consideration when forming the most efficient product path and delivery process for ideal outcomes. It’s easy to recognize the need for a shift in the way you handle shipping, but where do you start?

Many companies waste time and money on faulty tools meant to help guide shipping decisions, but smart leaders steer clear of such defective and disconnected solutions and instead select a method that meets all logistics needs the right way. Use the questions below to develop a brief checklist of your own to assess the effectiveness of your business’s shipping practices and inform remedial action.

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Hard Hitting Questions to Ask Carriers

February 21, 2017

If you’re in charge of selecting the carriers for your company’s logistics operation, there’s more than just pricing that should go into your ultimate decision on the best carriers for your supply chain. A cheap rate can drive competition, but would you want your end users to suffer if your cheap carrier meets only a single requirement? Begin your carrier search by asking the tough questions so this big decision – one that determines your monetary savings and the overall success of your business – is truly in your hands.

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