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PA Spotted Lanternfly Announcement

March 14, 2019

New Spotted Lanternfly permits required for Northeast Trucks and Shippers.

Not having a permit may result in being turned away, fines, and criminal / civil penalties!

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Identify and Solve Your Biggest Logistics Challenges

November 2, 2017

Managing a complex transportation logistics operation is a multifaceted, ongoing task that not only weighs heavily on a business’s operations team, but also on C-level executives who already have plenty on their plate. When logistics issues regularly seep from a vendor to your customer service team to you, the continued frustrations can upset the balance of your entire business and ultimately hinder your customer relationships. A true logistics partner coupled with a good transportation management system (TMS) can work to solve and even prevent everyday supply chain problems, but how can you address your business’s issues now? Begin by identifying them.

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Why 3PLs Need Transparency and Visibility Today

October 5, 2017

Business integrity and transparency have been making headlines in 2017 for a very good reason. Consumers today research companies and products before choosing to do business with them, and this trend is true for most industries. In transportation, transparency has taken somewhat of a backseat, at least when it comes to third-party logistics providers (3PLs) and the companies that partner with them. When executives and other logistics professionals seek a 3PL to help manage their supply chain, oftentimes the single and most important requirement is price point or carrier savings.

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Proper Packaging with Carrier Dimensionalizers

September 29, 2017

 As a shipper, it's important to realize that even a small change in packaging can significantly increase costs.  With more products being classified by density, and LTL carriers adding more dimensionalizers into their system, it can be challenging to get all the details accurate.  

Here are some things you should be aware of:

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