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The Value of a Customer Specific Transportation Program

September 7, 2017

Written By: Peter Rio

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With the transportation industry capacity changing by the day, shippers are under constant pressure to stabilize costs within their supply chain. Both Less than Truckload (LTL) and Truckload (TL) capacity continues to tighten as carriers become more and more selective as to what types of freight and lanes they will handle.

This brings to light the enormous value of a fully managed, customer specific, transportation program. Over the years, many logistics companies have been utilizing large blanket type pricing structures for their clients rather than developing customer specific programs that fit each customer’s unique needs and freight profile. As the market continues to tighten and trucking technology allows the carriers to understand their networks and costs better than ever before, these blanket programs are the first to come under scrutiny and in many cases move towards cancellation. Having a customer specific program, like the ones developed by reputable 3PLs, allow a shipper to develop a competitive, predictable, and long-lasting transportation solution. 

Can your company benefit by moving away from blanket pricing and moving toward a customer specific program?  Translogistics can help you through this transition should you need us.

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