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Fuel Shortage Drives More challenges

May 18, 2021

Written By: Mitch Kinek

TLI's Weekly State of Transportation Update

Week of May 17, 2021


As the nation's supply chain still battles through tight flatbed capacity, a fuel shortage on the East Coast helped to constraint the supply chain even more.



LTL carriers are attempting to become more profitable after a year of employee shortages, tight capacity, and weather-related issues since the beginning of the year. As carriers attempt to make up for profitability loss, LTL rates continue to be on the rise in 2021 and are trending to remain that way.


Truckload Update:

The truckload market is having continued challenges with capacity. Truckload carriers had to strategically arrange trucks carefully last week during the fuel shortage on the East Coast which made capacity a bit challenging at times.



Other Industry News:

The Colonial Pipeline Outage and closure of I-40 Hernando DeSoto Bridge helped aid to further constraints in the transportation industry last week.


Colonial Pipeline:

On May 7, the Colonial Pipeline was taken offline by a cyber attack to the pipeline’s IT systems and operations. At this time, the full impact of this closure is not yet fully realized, however, the pipeline was restored to normal operations on May 13th. This pipeline closure affected the supply of fuel throughout the East Coast.


I-40 Hernando DeSoto Bridge:

On May 11th, the Tennessee Department of Transportation began rerouting traffic around the central bridge in Memphis, Tennessee. The reason was due to a crack found in the structure of the bridge. This resulted in extensive delays and miles tacked onto routes. The bridge is currently still out of commission as we await an update for restoration and the bridge’s re-opening.


TLI highly suggests that on all shipments you provide our team with the “Must Arrive by Date” (MABD) as to when you need the product delivered. This will help us select the proper transit time / equipment type at the best current freight rate.



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*article written by Mitchell Kinek, Inside Sales Executive, Translogistics. Any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out!




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