Power Outage Update

June 3, 2020

Written By: Translogistics

Good evening,

We wanted to proactively reach out to all of you to advise that due to severe weather in our area, several members of the TLI team who are working from home due to COVID-19 have lost access to power and internet services at the current time.  In addition, we are currently in the process of rebooting our TLI phone systems, due to loss of power and internet at our host site caused by the same severe weather situation.  All other TLI technology and systems remain fully functional.

While power and internet is being restored to certain employees, if you are having any trouble reaching your primary Translogistics contacts please do not hesitate to call their cell phonesAll of their email signatures contain their TLI cell phone numbers so please do not hesitate to contact them using that communication method.

 If you have any questions or urgent needs, please reach out to any member of the TLI team including your account manager.


Your Team at Translogistics



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