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What to Expect During a TMS Integration Process

April 25, 2017


Transportation management system (TMS) integration with existing enterprise resource planning (ERP), warehouse management system (WMS) or web based storefront, can be a very beneficial thing for many companies wanting more robust visibility, functionality and control over their logistics operations. With an effective TMS integration, businesses are able to streamline the workflow of a customer service team, shipping team and all other teams with pricing, shipping and even logistics spend responsibilities.

Some companies see new TMS implementation as a lengthy and difficult process likely to intrude on day-to-day business operations, but with knowledgeable and attentive client support, the execution will be a simple and educational experience for a company’s internal logistics team, that will provide minimal disruptions to daily activity.

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Key Performance Indicators That Every Logistics Manager Should Know

April 13, 2017


Most managers understand the importance of creating and constantly measuring key performance indicators (KPIs). In the transportation industry, KPIs are always at the forefront of managing shipments and influencing logistics decisions, but many times they are not always easily calculated. In order to lead a successful business that takes into consideration all points of contact in the creation of a product, you’ll need to track valuable KPIs to maintain a reliable and well-functioning supply chain.

Take a look at what we consider the top KPIs every logistics and warehouse manager should know in order to run a more efficient logistics operation.

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